Digital Marketing Essentials


This session will introduce:

7 Digital marketing essentials that will increase your ROI 7x

1.  4 Business Stakeholders & their short term & long term goals with KPIs using OKRs

2.  Identifying your market size using 4 Digital Markets & 5 Types of Data Consumption (that defines digital markets)

3.  5 Target Groups (End Users, Big Buyers, Resellers, Influencers & Internal Customers)

4.  Customer Journey – How to distribute your budget throughout the funnel the right way.

5.  4 layer Investment & Strategy with Assets, Enhancers, POEM Campaigns (for Paid, Owned & Earned Media) & Improvement layers

6.  Few strong game changer tips like utility campaigns, layer CRO, AMP vs App, team dash-boarding tools.

7.  One page digital marketing strategy cheat sheet (never before was making a strategy this easy). One of the most effective ways to do digital marketing strategy, get handouts.

18 - 19 Sept 2017
Tramshed Tech, Cardiff
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