Object Based Media: BBC R&D give a glimpse of the future of broadcasting


BBC R&D have been developing technology which allows stories to be adapted, a bit like a storyteller around a campfire.


  • A podcast which fits with your morning commute
  • Audio that challenges the listener based on their music tastes
  • Video which avoids inappropriate content depending on the age of the audience
  • Video which adapts depending on who is watching, and where they are

We call this Object-Based media, and it is a true synergy of the internet, storytelling, and media.

Participations will,

  • Get familiar with object media
  • See examples of the content created and gain insight into how we created it
  • Learn about opportunities to use it now and into the future
  • Help to shape the future of media with us
  • Get an exclusive look at the object based media toolkit R&D have been building
18 - 19 Sept 2017
Tramshed Tech, Cardiff
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