Aji Issac Mathew

Co-founder & CEO INT TechShu

He is co-founder & CEO of INT TechShu, a 750+ digital team, one of the largest teams in digital marketing space, a google premier partner. Digital Marketing has made marketing scalable, he played the scale game to provide most affordable but very high quality digital marketing services and teams through structural approach. With an experience of 15 years of high end digital success, he is also a senior member of WebMasterWorld.com, Moz, author at Entrepreneur.com etc. He is pure Mar-Tech cum Creative blend with hands-on experience on all channels. Indus Net & Indus Net TechShu has clientele from small to large levels including HP, Uber, Tesco, Unilever, Ageas to 100s of SMEs. He is also a weekend academician training at IIFT.edu, UPH.edu to name a few. Aji is chief mentor to digitalmarketing.clinic and soon to launch digitalmarketinguniversity.com. The goal is to own every alphabet of digitalmarketingalphabet.com one day!

18 - 19 Sept 2017
Tramshed Tech, Cardiff
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