Think like an entrepreneur and work like a boss? Here’s why GoCompare wants to talk to you at Digital

Jackson Hull, chief technology officer at GoCompare talks about finding the tech talent of tomorrow 24/08/2017

Tech companies can start up, scale up, and succeed in Wales. There are a host of impressive tech brands born and bred here. Just look at GoCompare; little over 10 years since the company was founded by six friends around a kitchen table, we’ve grown into an industry-leading, nationally-recognised brand. But prospering as a tech business doesn’t happen by accident.

GoCompare has always had its eye on the future, and to maintain our momentum we need to constantly work to make sure we have the brightest and best tech talent on our team. We are continually creating a diverse range of career and graduate opportunities and finding new ways to discover and foster home-grown talent.

Take our graduate data science challenge as one example. Joining forces with Kubrick Group we’ve put some of the UK’s top grads to the test and have selected one graduate to send on an 18-week intensive data science course. The course will see them learn everything from data engineering and Python coding to machine learning and data visualisation. They’ll be paid a salary by Kubrick Group while they train and if they really impress we’ll offer them a permanent role. When we say we’re committed to finding and nurturing talent, we’re not kidding.

It’s a vital part of GoCompare’s ethos to remain an agile, dynamic company, and that means employing people with an entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve grown a hugely well-known brand and have become market-leaders in our field, so it surprises many people that our entire team is still made up of fewer than 200 people.

You only have to look at our leadership team to realise how serious we are about maintaining the mentality of a start-up. Our senior team are all entrepreneurs with experience working with diverse, disruptive brands like, Expedia, Kayak, and Spotify. As a result of this kind of leadership, we embrace change, throw ourselves at new ideas with gusto and welcome with open arms the kind of people with the imagination to come up with creative solutions and the drive to make them happen.

The future is looking extremely exciting for GoCompare. We’ve put a number of changes in place over the past year, focussing on streamlining processes and empowering people to apply their skills as effectively as possible and we’re now turning our eye to the future. We’re looking for ways to harness new technologies and make processes even quicker and slicker. To help us get there, we’re recruiting across a number of departments, looking for people with the talent and drive to keep us taking big strides forwards.

Teaming up with Digital is a great opportunity for us to showcase who we are, what we’re about, and why GoCompare is a rewarding place to work. Businesses blossom when they operate in a a healthy tech ecosystem, and events like Digital support this by bringing together like-minded businesses, entrepreneurs, educational establishments, governing bodies, graduates, and everyone in between. That’s really important to us, and that’s why we’re getting involved.

There’s a huge pool of tech talent in Wales; more than enough to pack a similar punch to other regions. As an employer of clever tech types, that’s music to my ears, and it’s my personal mission to make GoCompare the employer of choice when it comes to tech careers here. Here’s to meeting the next generation of ‘GoCo-ers’ at Digital.

Jackson Hull is chief technology officer at GoCompare

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