What happens when networking works? A success story in security for start-up Prizsm

Mike Adams, CMO at Prizsm, gets real on how sharing stories at Digital 2015 sparked a business idea that redefined data protection. 08/09/2017

Total data security and multi-cloud orchestration company Prizsm are the proof that Digital, Wales’ biggest tech event, is where tech companies start up and succeed.

Digital 2015 marked the start of Prizsm’s entrepreneurial effort. Fast forward two years later and they plan to launch Priszm as a widely available service this September. Digital 2015 provided a platform for CEO Ian Drury and the Prizsm technical team to start a discussion with industry enthusiasts on the increasing pressure to move to the cloud and their fears surrounding security, privacy and control.

The conversation sparked an idea, led to a series of events, and culminated in the successful delivery of the new to market multi-cloud orchestration solution. Prizsm radically re-thinks the way that information is stored in the cloud, providing total data security, privacy and control - a solution to the uncertainties expressed at Digital 2015. Prizsm protects all users and all data across all devices, is always on and always secure.

When asked why they designed Prizsm, Mike answers quite simply:

‘‘We knew what was needed and we knew that it wasn’t available, so we just got on and built it. Here we are, two years on, a member of Wales' first national technology accelerator, the Digital Dozen and, with development support from Wales’ Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Emerging Technologies (CEMET), we will be announcing Prizsm’s general availability and its launch at this year’s Digital."

“Built by a team with a proven track record, responsible for delivering multiple mission-critical solutions, including the ‘999’ system and government data retention systems. Together, we apply decades of domain knowledge and experience to identify and implement novel solutions for today’s technology problems. Our re-thinking of the cloud data storage problem results in a conceptually very simple idea, but the way we’ve engineered it redefines the nature of storage, security and multi-cloud adoption, all at once. Now this huge advance in securely distributed storage is available to all businesses, delivering data confidentiality, integrity, availability and business resilience using an elegant, easy to adopt solution.’’

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Need to find out how this innovative protection can secure your business data? Head to the Accelerator showcase  or Prizsm’s stand at the Start-up Zone  to find out more.


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